Brenda Richmond, VA

With Bonnie's help, I've restarted my life and am on my way to successfully working on my own as a consultant and starting my own clothing design company.


Randall Alexandria, VA

I was very impressed. Bonnie is insightful, is a careful listener and will guide you on your journey.

Peggy Fredericksburg, VA

Bonnie's queries helped me to see a way through when I thought the avenue was closed. Her ability to listen closely and hear what I said helped me see my goals as achievable.

Terry Philadelphia, PA
When you hire Bonnie as your coach you'll know that she really wants you to succeed. She will genuinely champion you throughout your coaching sessions letting you know she believes in you. Bonnie also showed compassion and care as she coached me throughout the months. Thanks for helping me transform my life Bonnie. You’re a great coach!
Jonathan Durham, North Carolina

Bonnie knows how to ask creative and thought-provoking questions. She made me think, made me laugh, and helped me to look at things in a new way.

Connie Northern VA

I came to Bonnie at a time in my life where I was on the cusp of a number of life changes. And though I realized they were important I could not see my way to doing what was needed. Working with Bonnie, helped me to not only sharpen my focus and prioritize my tasks, but to approach the changes I needed to make in a systematic and directed fashion. As a result, my focus and commitment to task markedly improved and the results were evident in my scholarly work as well as with client projects.

Joan Kamuela, Hawaii

Bonnie helped me create a safe work environment where I feel balanced, centered and confident and where I can do work to the best of my ability no matter what's in the air. Bonnie helped me address important family / life changes including, sending children off to College, aging parents, as well as relationships with siblings. Bonnie helped me identify the impact I want to make in this world, consider a vision for my future (career), and stay on a steady path taking baby steps and sometimes leaps towards it. She provides unwavering support, enthusiasm and confidence in her client’s ability to succeed and move forward in life.
Bonnie is da kine! (as we say in Hawaii!)

J.G. Washington, D.C.

Going through coaching was like a journey for me to discover myself. It helped me to dive into my inner self and connect with my feelings. My coach, Bonnie was able to guide me through this journey and helped me find a relaxation tool that I always had but never realized how useful it is. Glad I was able to discover it.

Tom Annandale, VA

It's been a very transformational journey as a result of Bonnie's coaching. I started working with Bonnie about 5 months ago because I wanted to make a major career change. Bonnie has an amazing gift for being able to connect deeply with her clients to help them find the best course of action. Thanks to her coaching and holding me accountable for my action items, I'm now stepping into a new career that I'm actually excited about.

Shazia Northern Virginia

Bonnie has been fantastic to work with. She understands me, even when I can't figure out how to best express it. She listens well and when I talk to her, it's as though she's right there with me. Bonnie is sincere and a great life coach - a real treat to have found her.

Cindy Alexandria, VA

There are numerous benefits to having a true partnership with a professional coach, and I am very grateful for the coaching sessions with Bonnie. In addition to being a knowledgeable, certified coach, she is very encouraging, supportive, caring and intuitive. I was going through a truly challenging time in my personal and professional life, definitely a time of transition, and Bonnie utilized important coaching techniques, including powerful questions and challenging me to view my situation from different perspectives, to help me move beyond feeling stuck to feeling empowered. Through this process, she has assisted me in honoring my mind, body and spirit, and I am now designing the life I truly want. Thank you, Bonnie!

Susan Winchester, VA

The most amazing thing about working with Bonnie is how quickly she can identify and zero in on the issues that are holding you back or keeping you stuck. With very unique and imaginative questions, she can help you get to the heart of the matter very early on, and then help you see it in different ways. When you are able to see things in that new light and have been able to change or remove what had appeared to be an obstacle to your success, you can move forward with a renewed energy because you have been empowered to overcome it. Bonnie does not tell you what to do, she helps you discover what is inside of you that YOU need to do, what you can do. It's wonderful to get your own power back to make whatever your dream or vision is to become a reality!