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For Companies

Leadership Coaching

You love your business and what you do. You love your clients. You have a clear vision of how you would like your staff.
You love the idea that you and your staff could make a difference.

Transformational Leadership

Coaching with Bonnie Carb will help your staff create strong and cohesive relationships.  Your staff will be the happy, united, self-sufficient staff that your company deserves.   A company with talented staff and great retention.


Leadership Coaching Partners with Businesses

Smooth Path Coaching partners with businesses, individual emerging leaders and high potentials that wish to experience, learn and expand as leaders.  I'll co-actively partner with you as you embark on your unique leadership development journey.  Coaching will bring creative ideas to light.  I'll match up what is truly meaningful and important to you.

Leadership coaching is based on your uniqueness. We may coach on projects you are working on or leading, key job goals, new skills, problem-solving and more.  I believe that each person is a leader even if not formally in a leadership role.  Coaching will allow you and your staff to move forward with several personalized goals.

Contact me today so we can get started and see where your business would like to go.

Walk the Smooth Path!

Our Services

 ◊ Coaching

Coaching packages include:

• A Discovery Session
• 2 Monthly coaching sessions by phone or video
• Between-session support
• Easy online appointment scheduling

◊ Group Coaching

◊ Training Workshops

2 hour

interactive workshops

Topics include Difficult Conversations, Negotiation, Well Being, Gender Bias and more!

Leadership coaching with coach Bonnie Carb is a partnership in personal leadership development.  Coaching will let you discover solutions that are custom tailored to you and your staff.  It will allow you to attract your ideal staff.  Leadership coaching will help you connect with your staff in a relevant way.  Coaching will help you feel more confident as a leader and communicator. Leadership coaching will enable you to have staff that embodies true leadership.