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Bonnie Carb, CPCC, ACC Leadership Coach Smooth Path Coaching

Bonnie Carb is a certified professional coach who focuses on leadership coaching for emerging and mid-level women leaders so that they lead via their resonant style with purpose and confidence. They become empowered to access work-life balance in parenting, relationships, and career. Clients become equipped with skills such as better self-care, mastering difficult conversations and bold negotiations in their toolbox. Bonnie enables women professionals to start a new business, change careers and communicate with confidence.

Bonnie focuses on leadership development that enables clients to be empowered, confident, connect meaningfully with others, align with their values and to see things from unique perspectives. Clients learn more about who they are, feel confident, are able to step out of their comfort zones. They stride into powerful and meaningful decision making. Bonnie designs an alliance and creates a safe space in partnership with clients. Her coaching brings answers to the surface; moving them forward confidently, powerfully and competently. She collaborates with clients as they find ways to lead from their strengths. They discover their unique, resonant leadership style.

Bonnie brings 30 years of experience as a coach, facilitator, teacher and trainer with diverse people. Before officially becoming a coach, Bonnie spent 16 years as a Training and Curriculum Specialist. She trained and coached 100's of Air Force child development management and teaching staff in reaching goals such as communicating with parents, managing a classroom, individualized curriculum observation, and planning for young children. She is an award-winning professional with more than sixteen years of experience in coordinating and providing oversight for educational programs; known for strong leadership and collaboration skills.

Bonnie successfully coached women survivors of abuse for a company in Washington, D.C. She created, managed and facilitated, "Lean In, Winchester!" in 2014. This support group helped local women professionals in leadership. She worked alongside them so that they were able to deal with gender bias, communicate with confidence, harness the power of stories, receive and give feedback and more! She currently coaches for, "Women for Change Coaching Community.", helping women desiring to make a positive change for themselves.

Bonnie is a Certified Professional Coactive Coach (CPCC) through the Coaches Training Institute (CTI) and is an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) via the International Coaching Federation (ICF). She has a BA degree in Sociology from George Mason University in Fairfax, VA.

Bonnie is originally from Alexandria, Virginia and has lived in Heidelberg, Germany. She currently resides in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley in Virginia. Bonnie enjoys listening to music and playing the violin. She performed in school orchestras, sung with a choir and a small folk group. She is an exercise guru, loves meditation, walking, and yoga. She also has an interest in photography and loves to photograph nature and outdoor scenery.



Are you done with feeling unappreciated, invisible, working your butt off and cycling around and around in the same pattern? It's disheartening to deal with so many personalities, especially when everyone has their own agenda.

I'm not going to fix you or give you advice. I'm completely unattached to being the one that finds the answers for you; that will be your job. I firmly stand on the foundation that you are naturally creative, resourceful and whole and that you can solve this in a powerful way. When you coach with me, you'll become aligned with the soul of who you are at your core and with your values.

My job as a coach is to help you gain insight and clarity that will open new ideas that flow. This insight allows you to come up with ideas that line up with your essence and authenticity that parallels your life's purpose and your love of serving others. I would be honored to be the coach that supports you while on your journey, to walk with you through thick and thin. I'll hold a safe and supportive space as you find your unique strengths, confidence, andĀ empowerment. I'll challenge you and will hold you accountable (you'll be holding yourself accountable as well - very important!). I will be there co-actively with you when you are at your worst and will proudly watch, smile and celebrate with you when you are amazing and at your best. If you deal with an unruly a boss or co-worker who doesn't appreciate what you do or complaining self-centered staff, I'll serve you as you become empowered, effective, joyful manager and confident leader.

I have served dozens of clients as they have become empowered to reach their professional goals. I love helping people tap into their resourcefulness and be the best leader possible. I believe that it's all about your unique strengths as a leader and being staked in with your values and the values of those you work with and serve.

I have an immeasurable connection with those in the workforce. I've been working with women forĀ 30 years, helping them reach goals since 1992, coached mostly women teacher teams for 6 years and women professionals for 5 years. I strive to help women and truly enjoy serving clients.

It can be done. Wake up every day loving what you do.

Awaken your inner leader!

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