Being Present

Being Present

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I met a colleague for a networking one-on-one meeting at the park.  A gorgeous spring day delivered the scent of fragrant flowers in bloom and pleasant temperatures.   My colleague brought her 7-year old son with her. Although I felt eager to meet and share ideas, my mind began wondering.  My thought play button pressed, and a flood of many work scenarios filled my head. Then, her son stood next to me, pointed out two Mallard ducks, got very excited about them and began to ask questions.   I pointed out that the colorful one is the Dad and the brown one is the Mom.  His eyes expressed a ton of curiosity. He asked, “Why are they different colors?”  I said, “The Male is trying to attract female ducks.  The females are trying to blend in and not attract attention when she is on the nest with the eggs.”  He asked, “Where is their nest?” I said that they like to hide it in the tall grass close to the water and I pointed to the large pond nearby. He excitingly began to tell me everything he knew about squirrels and bugs. He described each critter in great detail.  I quickly realized that he paid close attention to the world around him.  His curiosity and energetic love for nature brightly shined.  He remained very present and interested in what was happening at that moment.  I saw his happiness and natural mindfulness.  I love being reminded of the “being present” perspective, embodying and enjoying the current moment. The mind that constantly thinks, thinks, thinks like a non-stop wind-up toy, is unproductive.  This 7-year old child helped me learn the lesson of presence.  I shifted from “clutter thinking” to enjoying this moment now; the real world around me.  Also, I was able to focus on the content of my networking meeting.  The park became a way more enjoyable and productive experience thanks to a 7-year old boy!

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