Happiness Opens the Door to Great Leadership

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Happy Leaders

Happiness, or lack thereof, exceedingly affects your leadership capabilities. Many factors can affect your mood and leadership performance. Maybe you experienced something bad.  Maybe you feel depressed or anxious or perhaps you have a medical issue, such as an infection or a change in hormones. Other outside factors like worries or distractions can also have a bearing on your mood.

When I am coached, it increases my clarity and helps me explore my emotions in a deeper way. Coaching also helps me find what would work for me by allowing me to feel happy. It opens doors toward my happiness journey .

I have discovered that doing or creating new habits every day works for me.  For example, I have incorporated daily meditation. I begin with something very simple like breathing.  I mindfully relax and follow my breath.  That centers, relaxes and focuses me. It provides me with a foundation where I can build from. I then think of all the things I am truly thankful for.  It could be anything.  It could be for people in my life and/or for being able to taste great food. It could be the same thing each time.  I often say what it is out loud. I then focus on what I want for that day.  I then release it into the universe.  I now feel certain and believe that I’m going to have a joyful day. The same routine applies before going to bed. Again, I begin with what I am thankful for and that I’m going to get a restful night’s sleep with happy dreams. And guess what!  I wake up happy! These new habits makes a huge difference in each day’s leadership performance.  I truly feel happier during the day; I also feel like I have had a good night’s sleep.  Another key is authenticity.  I authentically feel passionate about my intentions. This is what works for me.  Discover one new habit that will work for you and your happiness in leadership. Coach with me to gain clarity. Coaching helps greatly with the deeper work and accountability.  Before you know it, you’ll be a happy, successful leader.

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