Lead With Your Strengths

Lead With Your Strengths

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Leadership Development

woman rock leaderDoes your leadership style feel like a continuing struggle?  It drains you.  Co-workers ignore you.  You never hear back from them.  You feel alone at the top.  You see other leaders confidently leading with strong positive engagement and positive action.  When you apply their exact techniques, you fail to make the same results – not even close.  What’s happening?

Limiting beliefs of ourselves and others, get in the way. Let’s press the pause button and explore the leadership development concept of leading with your strengths. Your personal leadership style will develop aligned and authentic.  Leading will have real impact.

Leadership should feel like a natural flowing stream of ideas co-actively created with a team of people. Imagine team mates happily working together for a mutually beneficial cause.  Leadership development truly has movement if team leaders mind fully tap into their unique leadership style.  A confident leader who gets in the groove with her/his distinguishing approach inspires.

Discover and lead with your strengths for confident and authentic leadership development. Once aware of your strengths, adopt them into your own leadership style. Utilizing your strengths, beneficially serves your team, creating a shift toward ease and empowerment.

Each person’s strengths are unique. Explore your strengths.  First, find a quiet space without interruptions.  Wipe the slate clean without judgment or negative assumptions.  Brainstorm objectively and write a list of your qualities.  No rules. Write everything and anything that pops into your mind no matter how silly or ‘out there’ it sounds. Then, channel and embody the ‘best advocate’ part of yourself and write more.  Let ideas flow in and out. Thoughts to ponder as you add to the list: Reflect back to various scenarios and what do you notice about yourself?  What type of energy do you have?  What inspires you? How are you with others in your personal life? Are you very truthful? Democratic? Blunt? How connected are you with your emotions?  Others emotions?  Do you put others at ease?  How do you relate to others?  What type of listener are you? Do you like to make people laugh?  Are you quirky and/or unconventional?  Are you smooth and competent?  What do you value the most about yourself? Take a few days to write ideas. Next, get together with someone honest and who you feel comfortable with. Ask them what they notice and add those attributes to the list.  Look over your list and circle the qualities that feel right and ring true.

You now have a tangible strength list that is the real you. Now, observe, pay attention, be mindful of your team mates.  What’s happening? Talk with them. Listen deeply to them. Ask them what they need.  Not what you think they need, but what they actually would like. Find mutual goals and design your alliance with them.  Look at your list.  Which strength(s) can you use to support them? Put your strengths to work with an inspiring purpose.  Again, notice what happens with your team.  Begin to weave and build your strengths into your leadership style. Own it.

This leadership development concept allows you to step into a new perspective. You’ll increase your awareness, discovering more as time goes on. Once you become aware of your strengths, you’ll tap into them confidently and fully to authentically serve your team and develop relationships and trust – a key to strong leadership.

Leadership development takes awareness and practice. You’ll tap into the style that fits you, your team and the situation.  Leadership should feel natural and resonate.  Soon, leading with your strengths becomes a consistent part of your leadership development as you practice, grow and flourish.

Want to take your Leadership Development to the next level?  Would you like to savor custom tailored Leadership?

Hire a personal leadership coach for the deeper work of self discovery. A coach holds a supportive space for you as you create dynamic, innovative strategies that you can carry out with your team.  A personal leadership coach has skills to help you discover answers and strengthen your confidence while on your leadership development journey. You’ll be able to conquer your fears and will lead more powerfully and confidently.  A leadership coach will hold you accountable as you foster and transform your leadership development skills.  Prepare for awesome! Live the dream!

By Bonnie Carb, CPCC, ACC, Life and Leadership Development Coach, Smoothpathcoaching.com

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